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These files are informational documents that accompany your New Horizons Toronto training.
Reviewing these documents prior to your scheduled event will help you enter your class and access your materials more easily.

Prepare Your Device:

To prepare your device for your online class follow this link:
OnlineLIVE Quick Start Guide

For a more detailed, and step-by-step, set of instructions to prepare your device for your online class follow this link:
Detailed - OnlineLIVE Quick Start Guide

Class Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I connect to class?
How do I access recordings?
How do I download my course completion certificate?
How do I change my password or edit my personal information in the New Horizons LMS?

Accessing Microsoft Digital Courseware

For those students attending official Microsoft courses.
All other students will receive courseware access instructions from their instructor on their class day