Extend Your Budget

Extend Your Company's Training Budget

Training Coupons and Learning Credit Accounts take the time-consuming and frustrating process of multiple quotes, approvals, invoices and payments out of the way to allow for a simpler and quicker process to schedule training.

New Horizons Coupons and Learning Credit Accounts are specifically designed to set pricing, receive approvals and satisfy payment, one time, for any short to long-term training needs for a single employee or the entire organization.

Receive discounted pricing by purchasing a training solution and New Horizons will coordinate simple and fast enrollments for your teams ongoing throughout the value of the purchase. Your investment is good for an entire year from the date of purchase.

Training Coupons

Purchasing Training Coupons in bulk, in advance, allows you to receive your course training days at a discount.

How does a Training Coupon work?

A training coupon is good for one student, for one class, for one day of training.

There are two types of training coupons: Application Training Coupons and Technical Training Coupons.  Application courses and Technical courses have different cost structures and require different coupons.  The coupons function the same, they are simply purchased at different rates and used accordingly.


One of your team wants to attend Excel part 1 and Excel part 2, each course has a duration of one day. This would be two days of training and would require two Application Coupons.

Two of your team members need to attend the Cisco CCNA course.  This course has a duration of five days.  Two students for five days of training would require 10 Technical Training Coupons.

Learning Credit Accounts

When an organization has varied training needs ranging from open-enrollment courses to private, dedicated group courses and even customized courses and outlines there will be a need to allocate funds widely across this diverse set of requirements.

Learning Credit Accounts allow your organization to receive a discount on course pricing, receive approvals, satisfy invoicing and payment, one time, for any short to long-term training engagement for a single employee or the entire organization. 

As each engagement is determined and planned, the cost of the training course or event will be deducted from your account balance without the headaches and burden of numerous individual quotes, approvals, invoices and payments.

How does a Learning Credit Account work?

Learning Credit Accounts provide greater flexibility for a wide range of training needs beyond open-enrollment courses.

New Horizons will calculate an aggressive discount based on your investment or, if you choose, New Horizons will add funding to your account balance adding to and extending your available training dollars.

Another benefit to Learning Credit Accounts is the ability for multiple departments and cost centers to pool their budgets and benefit from a larger pricing discount, or larger New Horizons contribution by the organization making a larger investment, collectively.

Larger investment = greater discount.

Your organization will determine the amount it chooses to invest and the choice for either a discount on training or a New Horizons addition of funds.

When a specific training need is identified, your representative will contact the New Horizons Account Executive to determine event cost.  The cost will be deducted from your Learning Credit Account Balance and your enrollments or event will be scheduled.

Less paperwork, fewer emails and approvals, no headaches.


Your organization chooses to purchase a $25,000 Learning Credit Account and receive a discount on all purchases using the Learning Credit Account. Three team members need to attend different one-day applications classes. The discounted price is calculated and deducted from your Learning Credit Account. Team members are immediately enrolled in requested courses.

A department has chosen a dedicated, private-group event for the entire 12-person team.  The discounted cost is calculated for the private event and deducted from the Learning Credit Account and the event is scheduled for your team