The value of enhancing your product portfolio

Product and service satisfaction has more to do with successful adoption than it does a trouble-free installation.
Successful adoption happens when those using the product are doing so happily, and that comes from knowledge and capability.
Leveraging the global resources of New Horizons your product offerings are greatly enhanced.
As the leader in learning and development, New Horizons programs can be a significant value-add to enhance your revenue. 

Your sales team will work directly with us, as we provide to you, world-class training products for your customers.

  • Instantly enhance your product offerings with minimal effort
  • Leverage our experts so your team can concentrate on what they do best
  • Customer engagement is enhanced as you provide more services

You can refer your customers directly to us and introduce us as your trusted training vendor.
Or, if you prefer, you can offer learning and development classes that support your products and services directly to your customers.
You will work directly with a dedicated team of experienced learning and development experts.
New Horizons will offer to you the best possible margins and incentives to ensure the added value of our services also returns increased revenue for you and your teams.

If you have customers using, or planning to use, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, and many others they may already have training included as part of those product purchases.  We can help your customers take advantage of training they may already be eligible for.

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